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We currently offer swarm and hive removal in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Use the form on the Contact page to tell us about your bees.

Swarm removal

Bees generally swarm in the spring. The swarm will gather together on any structure that will support it. The bees are usually very calm while swarming since they have no hive to protect. They will often stay in one place for a few days while they scout around for a location for their new hive. If you see a swarm, please let us know as soon possible so we can collect it and move it to our apiary where it will be safe and can start making honey.

Hive cut out

Bees will build a hive almost anywhere. Most will build in an enclosed space behind a small, easily defended opening like a hollow tree with a small hole in the trunk. Unfortunately for some, the walls in a house can make an excellent hive location. If a queen chooses your home for her hive it can be expensive to remove. You should avoid poisoning the bees because the honey and honeycomb that they build will attract many additional pests if they are not carefully removed by a professional. The costs can be minimized by calling us to collect the bees. We will carefully extract them with the least damage possible. A skilled contractor can return your home to its original condition after the bees have been safely removed.

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