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Wholly Honey started with a simple desire to learn more about bees and honey production. We attended a local Intro to beekeeping class and immediately wanted to learn more.  We decided to get bees the following year and began our search for an apiary. We enrolled in a 5 class series to learn more and ordered our first 2 hives. One was a NUC and the other was a 2 story hive. We got both hives in the spring of 2017.

Our first goal is to learn quickly so that our bees don't suffer from our ignorance. There is a lot to know, but we have several mentors and friends with years of experience to help us if we get into a jam. Our class was the best source for the information we needed to get through our first year with the best hope of helping our bees and not causing any major issues. We highly recommend a class and Christi at The Bee Girl was amazing.

Our first apiary.​

We found a pretty meadow in Grand Prairie near the intersection of I-20 and 161. It is perfect for bees with plenty of flowers and water nearby.

​Beekeeping 101

The internet is a great source of information and we have learned a great deal there but nothing can substitute for actual hands on experience. Christi at The Bee Girl offers a 5 class intro to beekeeping. I highly recommend her course to anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper.  Take the class in the spring you intend to get your first hive(s). If you already have bees and haven't taken a class you should still consider enrolling. Several of our fellow students will attest to the value provided each week.

Classes etc.

Planting flowers

We purchased several pounds of the Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix from Eden Brothers but didn't see any results this spring from our planting. Perhaps we will see some of the fall flowers bloom.

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